K-12 Teacher Training

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K-12 Teacher Training

Creating a mindful and engaged classroom begins with quality professional development. We offer a variety of online and on-site trainings for all staff or small group cohorts.

Everyday Mindfulness for Schools:

“Slowing everything down, I feel it’s helping me to be a more effective teacher”

Everyday Mindfulness for Schools is a research-based professional development course that supports educators in developing practical skills and knowledge to promote a prosocial classroom. The course begins with a focus on developing a personal awareness of mindfulness and sustaining a daily practice, then moves to minilessons, games, and brain-breaks that embed directly into the content areas.

Participants in the course will come away with:

  • Insights into their own habitual ways of thinking, acting, and reacting
  • Knowledge of the scientific relationship between stress, learning, and teaching
  • Strategies to develop a personal mindfulness practice to prevent burnout and promote wellbeing
  • Tools for use during whole-class, small group, and one-on-one learning experiences to help ready students’ brains for learning -games and brain breaks to weave into the classroom that promote calm and focus and decrease disruptive behaviors
  • Access to ongoing support via a social media group -email and phone access to instructor for continued mentorship

Due to the nature of the course - which includes group-based discussions, shared processing of experiences, and co-planning of lessons, a minimum of 10 participants are required to enroll. Participants receive a certificate of completion after the final class.
Note: This course is offered online, on-site at schools, and as a hybrid blended learning course.

Mackenzie, E.R., Fegley, S., Stutesman, M. et al. Present-Moment Awareness and the Prosocial Classroom: Educators’ Lived Experience of Mindfulness. Mindfulness 11, 2755–2764 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1007/s12671-020-01483-7

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