Intro to Mindfulness in Education Workshops (90 mins)

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Intro to Mindfulness in Education Workshops (90 mins)

How can I get my students to be kinder to one another? What can I do to help students become more active learners? How do I continue to work in a “caregiving” field without burning out? Mindfulness, the simple art of paying attention in the moment and non- judgmentally, may point to some answers. Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBIs) have shown promise to alleviate stress, promote well-being and resiliency, and build social emotional competency.

Intro to Mindfulness in Education

Join us for an interactive session that explores the many benefits of incorporating mindfulness-based practices into K-12 schools. A brief review of the research will lay the groundwork for the importance of these practices. In dyads and small groups, we will use manipulatives to explore age-appropriate secular practices that promote self- regulation, emotional awareness and behavioral control. Participants will leave with tools they can easily implement the very next day.

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