SEL Consulting and Online Toolkits

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Support for administrators, teachers, students, and parents

SEL Coordination and Online Toolkits


What an SEL Coordinator Can Do For Your School Community

Supporting mental health is the KEY to overcoming learning lag.
There is a direct link between mental health and academic performance. Research shows that student achievement goes hand in hand with social, emotional, and mental health. A 2011 meta-analysis of over 270,000 K-12 students who received SEL instruction showed significantly improved attitudes, behavior, and academic performance, reflecting an 11-percentile-point gain in achievement vs. controls1. As we navigate schooling in an era of global pandemics, school shootings, and digital learning, we must remember to “Maslowe before we Bloom” - fulfill students’ basic emotional and physical needs before asking them to think critically.


The culture of the school and classroom is determined by the social emotional competence of the adults in the building.


Retain happy and emotionally resilient educators and administrators.
Teachers have been operating for an entire school year in survival mode. It is our responsibility to help heal this trauma by providing teachers with sustained and consistent support to manage stress and build resiliency using brain-based tools and strategies.

It took a global pandemic for us to realize that we are long overdue in making social emotional competence a required pillar of professional development. We simply cannot effectively teach what we don’t already know and practice. For example, before teaching students how to respond with awareness vs. react on autopilot, we must be modeling this strategy ourselves.

Teach life-long skills instead of purchasing more curricula.
Well intentioned districts fall into the antiquated practice of handing teachers boxed SEL curricula, only to toss it out 2 years later. Investing in building skills, strategies, and social emotional competencies in the entire school community ensures that common language and practices are woven throughout the fabric of the school and home.

Sit back and watch the school climate improve!
As your district's SEL Coordinator, I will provide a suite of experiences targeted toward key constituents in schools, including teachers, students, parents, and administrators. My completely online trainings are literally no extra work for your district, doing away with the hassle of managing substitutes and covering classes.


This is not the time to go back to business as usual. We have an opportunity, coming out of the pandemic, to do something transformative. [SEL] should not be a one-off.
~M.Funk, CA Dept of Ed

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