Students Can't Pay Attention and Other Lies I Believed

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Mills, J. (2023)

Students Can't Pay Attention and Other Lies I Believed: 16 Lessons to Build Foundational Skills and Reclaim your Classroom


This powerful book from mindfulness consultant Jenny Mills helps teachers overcome daily stressors and burnout by focusing on foundational skills – for both yourself and your students. Designed with busy educators in mind, the book doesn’t add another item on people’s plates – rather, the strategies act as the plate – affording you the capacity to better hold all of the things you are managing.

The book is centered around eight lies or myths about students and teaching, dismantled with a truth, followed by an easy-to-implement foundational skills lesson for teachers and students.

Mills shows how you can build attention control, executive functioning, and social-emotional learning in both yourself and your students, to help students thrive in school and in the real world, and to help you feel fulfilled in your teaching career.

Throughout, there are personal anecdotes, pause and reflect features, easy-to-implement teacher lessons to weave into the day, and student microlessons with modifications. As you refine the foundational skills, you’ll be able to step into your power and feel more grounded and happier in your daily work in the classroom.

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