4 Part Series Across the School Year Option

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These sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the school. Mix and match to design a series that works best! 

Session A: Mindfulness-Based Strategies to Promote Attention, Self-Regulation, and Organization
Join us to explore ways to weave mindfulness practices into the classroom to assist students in taking charge of their learning.

Session B: Managing Difficult Behaviors with Mindful Awareness
Explore specific practices to assist students with emotion and behavior regulation within and beyond the context of the classroom.

Session C: Navigating Anxiety, Perfectionism, and Intrusive Thoughts
Help students bounce back from failures and disappointments as we discuss ways to assist students grappling with testing and performance anxiety and other cognitive roadblocks using mindfulness-based tools.

Session D: Embodied Teaching: Modeling Mindfulness and Focusing on Self Care
This session will contain a good amount of teacher practice and support to be the best “you” for yourself, your students, colleagues, and family.

Session E:  Digital Citizenship: Impulsivity, Sexting, and the Culture of Meanness
Help students learn strategies and skills to interact on and offline in a prosocial way

Session F:  The Power of Student Self-Reflection
Learn to encourage and promote student self-reflection as it relates to testing, classroom participation, and homework using easy to implement tools and strategies.

Session G: 
Creating a Culture of Kindness
Incorporate daily strategies that support self-kindness and kindness to others.

Session H:  Thinking about Thinking: Boosting Metacognition and Self-Monitoring in Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum
Shift from giving directions to modeling thinking to allow students to develop helpful inner dialogue that guides learning.

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