Re-Energizing Our School Communities: Credit-Bearing Course through the Penn Literacy Network

Students, teachers, and administrators experience pressures to perform with rising expectations and ever-changing standards. Educators must find a way to remain balanced, calm, and positive while managing an ever-increasing workload. Mindfulness, the simple act of being present - moment-by-moment - is an age-old practice whose benefits are now backed by brain science. Participants learn simple, mindfulness-based techniques to help re-energize their capacity to teach, learn, and lead schools while managing day-to-day stress. Phase 1 of the course provides a safe space for participants to explore and develop their own mindfulness practice against the backdrop of PLN’s Four Lenses of Learning. In Phase 2, classroom-based mindfulness strategies are introduced and practiced to promote student self-regulation, focus, and active learning with a focus on PLN Frameworks: The Five Reading Writing Talking Processes and The Four Lenses of Learning.

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