Everyday Mindfulness for Schools

This unique course is designed for educators by an educator in response to the growing need for teacher self-care and burnout prevention. Voluntary cohorts of 10-20 participants meet for eight 90-minute sessions (typically after school) to explore the benefits of mindfulness practices for the self and the classroom. Each participant in supported in establishing simple formal and information mindfulness practices that streamline into the busy day of teaching to help manage stress and promote well-being.  The primary focus of the course is to develop oneself as a mindful educator or counselor, with a secondary focus on introducing mindfulness-based techniques to students.

Pilot data collected by the University of Pennsylvania shows decreased job-related stress among other benefits! 


Previous Participants Include:

  • Radnor School District
  • AIM Academy
  • The Philadelphia School
  • Urban Promise Academy

Contact us to learn more about this course and to see if it may be a good fit for your school. 


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