Parents & Adults

Not just about managing stress, new research has shown links between practicing mindfulness and increased brain and immune function as well as decreases in autoimmune and heart diseases. Treat yourself to the gift of learning mindfulness! To read more about the research behind mindfulness, visit

Many of our workshops and courses are open to the public, but geared toward parents or individuals who work with youth. To stay up to date on our current workshops and courses, sign up for our newsletter.

Private Sessions for Adults or Couples

Private sessions are built loosely around five areas: 

  • recognizing and managing stress on the emotional, physical, and mental levels
  • dealing positively with negative thoughts
  • understanding the workings of emotions
  • responding vs. reacting to our daily lives
  • developing self-compassion

Using guided practice mp3's and selected readings, participants learn the basics of developing a mindfulness practice. Contact us to schedule an intial phone call to learn more.


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Parent Training in K-12 Schools

Parents are an integral part of the K-12 learning environment, which is why we offer parent nights in conjunction with our school-based trainings. We have hosted parent presentations and classes at many schools such as: 

  • The Woodlynde School, Strafford, PA
  • Strawbridge Elementary School, Haddon Township, NJ
  • St. Peter's School, Philadelphia, PA

If you are a parent who believes your child's school would benefit from an evening of mindfulness for parents, contact us for more details! 

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Guest Lecture

Everyday Mindfulness: Promoting Calm and Focus in Daily Life

Diverse groups of people such as doctors, CEO's, athletes, and teachers in the United States and beyond are incorporating simple mindfulness-based practices into their everyday routines to promote self-awareness, mental focus, and stress management. During this 60-minute session, participants will learn basic mindfulness practices, validated by brain research, that streamline into everyday life to support and enhance the teaching and learning environment. Guest lectures are a great addition to a university course or workplace environment. Contact us for more information.