Fall 2019 Courses

Being a mama is the hardest job in the world! There are way too many balls in the air with too little time. Allowing yourself ONE HOUR a week to unplug, refresh, and renew your mind and body will provide health and wellness benefits not just for you, but for the entire family. The Dalai Lama has said that "Women are the leaders of the future", because by nature the health and wellness of the family flows from our own wellbeing. Jenny created this course not just for you, but for herself as she learns how to navigate being a business owner, wife, and mother of two small children. 

During this interactive course, we will come together in community to learn the art of mindfulness meditation as it pertains to parenting. Mama's will come away with new and practical tools in their toolbox to:

  • respond with intention vs. react on autopilot to challenging behaviors
  • manage the invisible workload of motherhood
  • create spaces for pausing and self-care in a hectic world 

8 Tuesday Nights beginning Oct 8th. More info and register HERE.

With life pulling us in so many directions, it can be hard to take even a moment to catch our breath. Daily stressors weigh heavily on our shoulders, and without a set of tools to stay present and manage stress, we struggle.

Mindfulness meditation is a non-secular, mainstream tool that helps us live our lives most fully, be present in our relationships, and stress less.

This course will introduce you step by step to the practice of mindfulness. You will learn basic meditation techniques as well as quick and easy in-the-moment strategies to live your best life.

Learn to:

  • Sleep soundly
  • Manage stress
  • Improve immune function
  • Stay focused

The small group setting allows for rich discussion, meditation practice, and guidance from a highly qualified teacher. If you are new to meditation and mindfulness, this is a great course for you!


8 Tuesday Nights beginning October 8th. More info and register HERE. 

The morning is a special time to set an intention for your day and set yourself up for success. Research suggests that creating a strong morning routine which includes movement, reflection, and meditation not only boosts overall health but also energizes the body and mind for the tasks ahead.

Join us to learn how to create a healthy morning routine of mindful activities including mindful walking, eating, breathing, and intention setting. Together we will problem solve the ways that life gets in the way of sustaining these routines, and support one another as we crystalize this new habit. 

See you on the cushion (or on a chair!) 


8 Thursday Mornings beginning October 10th. More info and register HERE.

Put that extra large latte down and pick up your ear pods for this 15-minute weekly meditation session that will recharge your batteries to power through the afternoon. Whether you're a stay at home parent with kiddos napping, a busy exec on your lunch break, or a college student with a few minutes between classes - this microdose of mindfulness is perfect FOR YOU. 

Get into your flow state to effeciently and effectively conquer your to-do list. 

8 Wednesdays beginning October 9th. More info and register HERE.


"How did Jenny move from classroom teacher to running a mindfulness business?" If this question has ever crossed your mind, read on...

Maybe you have an interest in mindfulness because it has changed your life. Maybe you are a nurse, teacher, counselor, or grad student looking to move into the field of mindfulness in some way, but you aren't sure how. During this live online series, Jenny will share tips and tricks to help move you toward your goals of bringing mindfulness to adults, youth, your work community, or whomever your target audience may be. We will discuss not only great resources in the mindfulness sphere but also the ins and outs of creating and managing a small business. 

Jump on this course! Space is limited. 

3 Wednesday afternoons beginning October 23rd. More info and register HERE


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