Teacher Training for The Philadelphia School Staff

4 Sessions of Professional Development in Mindfulness - March 12, 13, 15, 16

Time: (4) 60-90 min sessions

Location: TPS - on site

During these four sessions, teachers are invited to come together to enjoy practicing mindfulness in community and engaging in learning strategies for use with students. Teachers
may join one session or attend all four based on availability and interest. Teachers must sign up and commit to attending in advance. No experience necessary.

Session 1: Mindfulness-Based Strategies to Promote Attention and Self-Regulation
Join us to explore ways to weave mindfulness practices into the classroom to assist students in taking
charge of their learning.

Session 2: Managing Difficult Behaviors with Mindful Awareness
Explore specific practices to assist students with emotion and behavior regulation within the context of
the classroom.

Session 3: Navigating Anxiety, Perfectionism, and Intrusive Thoughts
Here we will discuss ways to assist students grappling with testing anxiety and other cognitive
roadblocks using mindfulness-based tools.

Session 4: Embodied Teaching: Modeling Mindfulness within and Beyond the Classroom
This session will contain a good amount of teacher practice and support to be the best “you” for yourself,
your students, colleagues, and family.

The Philadelphia School Philadelphia , PA